Thursday 29 March 2012

Morning session


Witness Statement of Kit Malthouse (pdf, 1.13MB)

Exhibit KM Annex A (pdf, 575KB)

Exhibit KM Annex B (pdf, 95KB)

Exhibit KM Annex C (pdf, 145KB)

Exhibit KM1 (pdf, 1.83MB)

Exhibit KM2 (pdf, 81KB)

Exhibit KM3 (pdf, 1.54MB)

Exhibit KM4 (pdf, 404KB)

Exhibit KM5 (pdf, 416KB)

Exhibit KM6 (pdf, 190KB)

Exhibit KM7 (pdf, 272KB)

Exhibit KM8 9pdf, 275KB)

Exhibit KM9 (pdf, 812KB)

Exhibit KM10 (pdf, 2.35MB)

Exhibit KM11 (pdf, 3.50MB)

Exhibit KM12 (pdf, 906KB)

Exhibit KM13 (pdf. 827KB)

Exhibit KM14 (pdf, 427KB)

Exhibit KM15 (pdf, 123KB)

Exhibit KM16 (pdf, 242KB)

Exhibit KM17 (pdf, 2.54MB)

Exhibit KM18 (pdf, 225KB)

Exhibit KM19 (pdf, 225KB)

Exhibit KM20 (pdf, 157KB)

Exhibit KM21 (pdf, 350KB)

Exhibit KM22 (pdf, 677KB)

Exhibit KM23 (pdf, 1.20MB)

Exhibit KM24 (pdf, 6.45MB)

Exhibit KM25 (pdf, 330KB)

Exhibit KM26 (pdf, 2.70MB)

Exhibit KM27 (pdf, 1.06MB)

Exhibit KM28 (pdf, 135KB)

Exhibit KM29 (pdf, 83KB)

Exhibit KM30 (pdf, 106KB)

Exhibit KM31 (pdf, 336KB)

Witness Statement of Catherine Crawford (pdf, 1.79MB)

Exhibit CC Annex A (pdf, 602KB)

Exhibit CC1 (pdf, 30KB)

Exhibit CC2 (pdf, 1.02MB)

Exhibit CC3 (pdf, 980KB)

Exhibit CC4 (pdf, 0.97MB)

Exhibit CC5 (pdf, 934MB)

Exhibit CC6 (pdf, 246KB)

Exhibit CC7 (pdf, 2.17MB)

Exhibit CC8 (pdf, 86KB)

Exhibit CC9 (pdf, 323KB)

Exhibit CC10 (pdf, 509KB)

Exhibit CC11 (pdf, 68KB)

Exhibit CC12 (pdf, 336KB)

Exhibit CC13 (pdf, 823KB)

Exhibit CC14 (pdf, 1.10MB)

Exhibit CC15 (pdf, 281KB)

Exhibit CC16 (pdf, 380KB)

Exhibit CC17 (pdf, 149KB)

Exhibit CC18 (pdf, 607KB)

Exhibit CC19 (pdf, 129KB)

Exhibit CC20 (pdf, 807KB)

Exhibit CC21 (pdf, 19.7MB)

Exhibit CC22 (pdf, 375KB)

Exhibit CC23 (pdf, 157KB)

Exhibit CC24 (pdf, 152KB)

Exhibit CC25 (pdf, 106KB)

Exhibit CC26 (pdf, 71KB)

Exhibit CC27 (pdf, 1.86MB)

Exhibit CC28 (pdf, 5.19MB)

Exhibit CC29 (pdf, 415KB)

Exhibit CC30 (pdf, 1.36MB)

Exhibit CC31 (pdf, 2.55MB)

Exhibit CC32 (pdf, 2.39MB)

Exhibit CC33 (pdf, 841KB)

Exhibit CC34 (pdf, 5.38MB)

Exhibit CC35 (pdf, 292KB)